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There are a number of reasons you should wait to launch your new website until it’s actually finished. How often have you visited a site only to see lots of “lorem ipsum’s” and other filler text? How about links that don’t work or a ‘coming soon’ sign that stays up for months on end? It can be frustrating as an end user and should be avoided as a business owner if at all possible.  So why is launching the right way so important?


1) First Time Visitors Might Not Come Back – If a potential customer visits a site and most of the needed information or functionality isn’t there, how likely are they to visit later? Chances are they are moving on to somewhere they can easily find the info they need. If your site doesn’t work the first time they visit why would they assume it does later on?

2) What Kind of Image Do You Want to Portray? – Imagine hearing of a brand new restaurant and upon walking up to the front door the sign is falling off the hinges or there are misspelled words. What kind of impression does that give about the quality and service you are about to receive? Your website is a bit like your store sign – It may be the first impression customers get of your business. Make it count.

3) There are better solutions – If your company had a website prior to designing a new site, it’s better to keep it up, given it was functioning. If there was no previous site consider putting up a construction page. A ‘Coming Soon’ message will at least let people know what (and when) to expect in the coming weeks or months. There’s also a chance to preview any new branding and to display critical contact information.


Taking time for due diligence can go a long way for maintaining your brand and customer relations. Launching a site the right way ensures that your image doesn’t suffer and you’re always putting your best foot forward.

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