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Meet our people.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

- Albert Einstein

You bring a challenge, we'll bring our team. We get it. Partnering with a company feels personal so we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves. VE Websites' team is full of good people that like to make things happen. People that bring 'mad' skills, hard work, and creativity to the keyboard everyday.


VIRGINIA | Managing Owner


After her husband, Nathan, founded the company in 2006, Virginia's passion for helping people and businesses grew. After working in a nursing career for years, the design & digital world pulled her to full-time agency life as a designer, project manager, and now managing owner. On any given day you'll catch her chatting with clients, writing content, designing, or problem solving with the team on Slack. With a love for people and projects, she strives to wake up thankful, work hard, & learn something new each day. 

An old soul of sorts that enjoys watching old movies, green tea, reading, live music, or spending time with her family (usually at a sporting event).

Design Friends

LIANNE | Design & Branding 


Specializing in creating memorable, high-impact logos and concise branding strategies, Lianne is great at finding the essential elements of a brand.

She has worked on an array of projects, from analytic consultants to commercial property developers, hairdressers to trucking companies, and sandwich shops to art galleries. With a Bachelor of Arts degree and experience in both photography and video editing, Lianne is someone you want in your corner.


Such a joy to work with and always up for a challenge!

Lianne Neptune.jpg



From helping create print designs, marking materials or assisting with web projects, Hannah is great with details. 


Being extremely efficient and delivering quality is what Hannah is known for. Got a last minute project, no problem for Hannah - she will try to make it happen. 


We vote her the nicest person you will ever meet(really)! 

JON Senior Developer


Jon brings your custom web design to life, crafting it into a fully functioning website and content management system with over 25+ years of experience.


He loves to code, learn new things, and works with the latest technologies. He focuses on delivering a rich user experience while adding value to your business.


His past time may be solving problems...all while cracking a good joke. Oh and he makes & sells homemade bagels!


Development Friends


FLYNN Senior Developer


Flynn is known for his efficient and timely delivery of your finished product. He is well versed in the world of WordPress and all surrounding technologies, ready to apply his know how for your business. 


Being a team player, he works well with everyone. He doesn't overlook the details and makes sure he offers advice along the way that may improve your finished project. 


A great day ends with a cold beer and a good hockey game. 

TRACY | Developer

With nearly 10 years of business experience, Tracy knows what it takes to keep a customers attention.


Tracy carefully translates that experience into unique web environments, specializing in front-end, that are sure to become invaluable tools for your business.

Lucky for us, she also happens to be our favorite Barista!


LUKE | Senior Developer & Consultant

Say it and Luke can make it so. He is well versed in latest technologies and always looking ahead. 


Luke's years of experience and quick ability to assess value provides an edge for any business


Legendary for his multi-tasking skills & building things digital and tangible...we seriously don't know how he does it all!

Search Engine


When it come to your online presence or paid search campaigns, Candace is your gal!


As a certified SEO expert, she helps create services uniquely tailored to the business objectives of each client.


She's efficient, knowledgeable, and serious about SEO! What else can you ask for?


BUDDY | The Mascot

As the pampered pooch and professional nap taker, this maltipoo takes his job seriously. He is guilty of chewing some cords(& shoes), but has been the morale leader from the very beginning(yes, he's that old).


He is small, elderly in dog years, & sometimes moody, but always on his best behavior first thing in the morning!

He has been known to say "hello" during a conference call when he is not sleeping!

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